Monday, January 21, 2008

Will anyone read this?

Well it's a take off from what I started ages ago, but here I go again trying to blog like all the other cool guys out there. I read a ton of blogs and comment on them, so maybe people will do the same on mine. Who knows? Let's hope I don't go to long in between years to acually post stuff. Funny thing is, I ask others when they are going to post if they have not in a while. I wonder if anyone will even read this? Let's see how long it takes.


Miz G said...

I truly do not care what Hollywood does. However,because I have to reteach or reverse teach after the storm--I read or go to the movies.
I look forward to seeing the movie.
I believe in freedom of expression---The choice is now mine to trash it or accept it. Unfortunately the innocent world is corrupted by it. the saying "Jesus is coming and boy is He gonna be pissed!" has a lot of merit--question is: Does anyone CARE? I do--I vote with my money!!! That carries alot more weight!!
Dan, keep teaching the youth to have a walking and talking relationship with Jesus! He is their only HOPE!!
Give family Hugs,

Ken said...

I'm reading it!!! Nice start bro!