Thursday, August 28, 2008

God's little miracle

About four months ago the kids and I where out walking one day and we saw all these caterpillars crawling up this wall. They were black, had yellow dots with spikes on them. Tabitha tried to grab one but it spooked her because of the spikes. I grabbed one for her and we took it home. We put some leaves and stick in a large tin and put it in. I looked up the name for it and made sure it was a butterfly and not a moth. I found out they climb until they find a place to make their cocoon. As soon as I read about it I went and looked at it and it had crawled out on the floor. I put it back in the tin and put it on top of the turtle's tank. Later I looked and it was gone. The kids had been doing their homework so they were not messing with it. So I preceded to look for it everywhere, later the kids tried to help but we had lost it. So some caterpillar is crawling around our home and could die.
About a month later the kids and Sabrina went shoe shopping and I just sat down at the computer to check on my fantasy baseball and whoosh the little black blurr comes out from under the table which holds the turtle tank. I turn and look and there it is... God's little miracle flying around my home. It flew to the window and rested. It had just hatched from it's cocoon and it was still getting strength for it's wings.

I left it until the kids came home and I showed them the butterfly. It was so cool because we thought we lost it and it had died somewhere. But we got to see one of God's cool miracle of creation and how he made a spiky caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. In all his power he made a small beautiful thing for us all to see.

I then gently took it and let it go outside on a tree. The cool thing was Tiana and I just saw one or the same one again yesterday. So it reminded me it write about it. It also reminded me that God loves us so much that with such a insignificant thing in this world, he cares for, us too. It seems crazy to me when I think of what God has done for me and for others. Why can't others who don't believe see that too? Well I will live my whole life out telling others about God, his miracles, his sacrifice and his love. May it be a butterfly or a child's sweet kind words of love that sets a heart toward God.
Here is a picture of it before I released it:

Men cannot say they do not know about God. From the beginning of the world, men could see what God is like through the things He has made.This shows His power that lasts forever. It shows that He is God. (Romans 1:20 New Life Version)


Ken said...

dude, what else is growing underneath your table?!

seriously, great post, Dan. Great thoughts.

Courtney said...

Wonderful! Thanks for the reminder of how good our God is!