Thursday, October 09, 2008

Day One of Youth Worker Convention - well sorta

The Convention technically did not start yet, but they did have some pre-convention things going on. So here goes:

What I did for the day: I got up early packed my stuff and headed to the airport. I flew from San Diego to San Jose. Met up with my mom who I had not seen in almost a year (she lived in Oregon). We then met up with my brother and his wife and went to a cool breakfast restaurant. Then we took off towards Sacramento with another of his youth leaders (Amara), and checked into the Hyatt. After hanging out a while we walked to get dinner. While we were walking we noticed some lady trying to push her car out of the street. It looked like she had been in some kind of accident and she was acting a bit strange. I As we helped he push her car to the side of the street, I asked if we should call for help and she said she did not want to get in trouble, so my brother and I seemed confused as to what to do. So reluctantly we left after trying to figure out ways to help her. Later walking back I noticed a wan parked in a dirt lot that had the door wide open, which was strange in the middle of the night. It was a Youth for Christ van but no one around. I sure hope it was not broken into. So I locked it and we went back to the hotel. Strange things happening in down town Sacramento.
Who did I run into: I ran into Les Christie in the hotel lobby. He was my old professor at SJCC. He is the Chairman of the Youth Ministry Department at William Jessup University (new name of my old school) If my brother, his wife, and his youth leader Amara count then I ran into them too.
Where I ate: For breakfast I ate at "Stacks" in Campbell (where my brother and his wife lives) with my mom. She wanted to take us out for our birthday. For Dinner We went to "the Melting Pot" in Sacramento. It's a Fondue restaurant. We were there from 6:15 to about 8. It always really fun and interesting to eat that way. It was very expensive though. But hey we deserve it was our birthday
What I thought about the seminars and general sessions: We did not have any yet. But there was a late night concert (Telecast). I did not go to it thought. Amara went and said there was about 15 people (yeeouch).
And what mood I am in: Tired, very full and excited for tomorrow. I hope I get a ride on the unicorn.

Me, My Brother, and my mom.

At the Melting Pot

This is how much dinner was for 4 adults and one child. It was well worth it.

The gang at dinner

Giving Fiona a shoulder ride

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Fiona is on your shoulders Daddy!!-from Tiana