Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Daughter Asks: Are you going to vote for me?

I voted today. My youngest asked me a question before I did. She asked "Are you going to vote for me?" I am not sure if she meant something else, but I responded with: Of course, I am voting for your future. She responded by asking: "For when I grow up and be a teenager?" And I said "Yes." (She is 4) I was thinking of her, my other kids when I voted. I wanted to show I cared what happens in California and the U.S. I wanted to show that I am letting my voice be heard, even if the outcomes do not go my way. I was also thinking of all the other kids in the US.

I do want to go off about the Propositions but I will spare you all. As a Christian I do want to say, think about kids. What do they need to really know? What does there future hold with the decisions being made? What does the Bible clearly say? If you are a Christian why be for things that are clearly against God's Word? Even if we are sinners we are not to practice sin. This has to do with everything we do, not just what is popping up in politics.

"Love is to be serious. Hate what is evil." Romans 12:9. It does not say anything about hating people. It says don't embrace sin, but flee it. That's why I voted for her.

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