Sunday, April 12, 2009

He conquered!! Just like He said He would!!

The two of them ran as fast as they could. One was a bit faster than the other, but both ran with anticipation, excitement and some doubt. The lady that told them, was trustworthy and seemed sincere about what she was saying. Could it be?! Did it really happen? Was this women just saying nonsense? They were told it would happen, but didn't really get it. Was this really what He had said? As they approached the tomb, I wonder what they thought? I wonder what they felt like? They lost their dearest friend, their leader, their Savior who had died a cruel death. Did they feel like a child does when a loving parent comes home? Or when they are told they are getting a surprise. Were they saying in their head with glee and a little apprehension, "No way, no way, I hope it is true."? With the excitement and wonder of what they were going to see, they made it to the tomb and saw nothing but linen cloths and an empty tomb, nothing else. I bet they just thought "Wow He really did it, He did what He said He would do!" As they headed back to the house, I bet they, were laughing together singing praises, shouting Alleluia, but with some reservation. They were excited but did not want to draw attention to themselves for the fear of what had happened days earlier. I suppose they could hardly contain their emotions. Running through their heads, are praise and anxiety, with the recollection of the words their Lord had said to them. The probably wondered "Where is He? Will we see Him?" They could not wait to tell the others!
To be there at that time was probably crazy, and full of wonderment. Their emotions running everywhere like some roller coaster ride. Doubt, Joy, anxiousness, praise, fulfillment, confusion. They did not know what to do, but later were told to go see Jesus in Galilee. I bet they felt like it was the greatest thing to know He did what He said He would do. They did not lose Him, He did rise on the third day as He had told them. They did not get what He meant, but now it all became clear. When they saw Jesus they did not know of if was a ghost. It became clear when He ate with them and instructed them. Some still in their joy they doubted. Could this be? They touched Him. It's really Him!! Alleluia He is Risen!!!

It would have been great to be there, to see the disciple's emotions. To see Jesus, to touch Him, to see His smile, to hear His voice, just to be in His presence would have been awesome! Jesus did it for me!! He did it for His disciples, for everyone! Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice, for all of our sins, then He conquered death. He did it for us!!

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